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Doraemon found buried at sea as scene from 1993 anime becomes real life【Photos】

Who knew a 29-year-old anime movie was actually a vision of the future?

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25-year bond between man and fish in Chiba touches the world【Video】

Hiroyuki Arakawa’s sea-dwelling friend of 25 years is like something out of a fairy tale.

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Escape the chill of winter with these dazzling seascape photos

When the following pictures popped up on a Japanese news site, we found ourselves enraptured by the breathtaking and surreal scenery depicted within. In the photo above, the water is so transparent that the children seem to float over an endless cloud of seaweed. But it’s not an optical illusion. That is indeed water, and it is in fact actually part of the ocean. Can you figure out which country this gorgeous photo was taken in? Here’s a hint: it’s somewhere in southeast Asia. The answer is after the jump.

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Real (Possibly Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtle Sneaks up on Unsuspecting Diver in Gulf of Thailand


A diver working on an oilrig off the coast of Thailand had a one in a million encounter with a precocious hawksbill sea turtle.

While working on the rig’s supports, the diver’s accompanying remotely operated vehicle (ROV) mounted camera caught a turtle swim up from the distance and climb onto the worker’s back without them noticing. Just as the turtle was about to take a nibble of the tether the diver noticed the curious reptile who later stuck around for belly rubs and neck scratches like a puppy.

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