“Safe” way to drink on the street recommended by our mask expert, forbidden by everyone else

Drown your sorrows or drown yourself trying.

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There is a little piece of heaven that only appears for up to an hour a day in Palau

The gorgeous Long Beach lets us in for a brief thirty minutes.

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Escape the chill of winter with these dazzling seascape photos

When the following pictures popped up on a Japanese news site, we found ourselves enraptured by the breathtaking and surreal scenery depicted within. In the photo above, the water is so transparent that the children seem to float over an endless cloud of seaweed. But it’s not an optical illusion. That is indeed water, and it is in fact actually part of the ocean. Can you figure out which country this gorgeous photo was taken in? Here’s a hint: it’s somewhere in southeast Asia. The answer is after the jump.

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