Daily Yamazaki

Japanese convenience store overtaken by nature and vending machines, looks like a Ghibli movie

Street-corner shambles holds a magical allure

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Osaka convenience store asks customers to muffle their “buree-buree” sounds while in the toilet

Request met with mixed reaction from praising its frankness to pointing out the impossibility of it.

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Convenience stores’ room-temperature drinks get warm reception on hot days

Whenever I’m forced to suffer the humid heat of Tokyo’s hot and rainy summers, I’m grateful for the large number of vending machines and convenience stores, all ready to sell me a nice, cold drink. It seems that not everyone shares my excitement, however, as a large percentage of Japan’s residents have shown distaste for chilled beverages. Some quote health reasons, while others just don’t like cold drinks. Lucky for them, the convenience store, Daily Yamazaki, is ready to meet their call.

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