Usher good luck into your home this New Year with Totoro tenugui from Studio Ghibli

My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away characters reimagined as New Year’s decorations.

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Cherry blossom Totoro tableware, interior decoration line arrives for Ghibli-style sakura spring

Anime’s cutest forest spirit works his magic with Japan’s most beautiful flower.

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Godzilla vs. Evangelion towels need all of Japan as stage big enough to contain their awesomeness

Culturally cool tenugui let you show your love of Eva Units, kaiji, and your favorite Japanese prefecture all at once.

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Sailor Moon tenugui towels are a handy and elegant crossover of anime of tradition

When speaking English I generally try not to insist on using a Japanese word for something we’ve got a perfectly serviceable English term for. Onsen? Hot spring. Genkan? Entryway. Omotenashi? Hospitality.

Still, there are times when Japanese vocabulary can be really handy. Tenugui, for example, is a lot more succinct than its English equivalent: “cloths with decorative patterns, often traditional, that are longer than hand towels, yet narrower than bath towels, and can be used as handkerchiefs, tablecloths, gift wrapping, or interior decorations.” And as if linguistic convenience wasn’t reason enough, now there’s one more reason to embrace the Japanese word, or actually two, with these beautiful Sailor Moon tenugui.

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