Tuna-can-shaped Super Super Super Big Cushions, and more coming to crane games in Japan

Super Super Super Big Cushions can only be won in a contest but come with a month’s supply of Sea Chicken!

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Undress an ukiyo-e woman out of her kimono with this Japanese magic towel hack

You’ll need more than hot water to fully appreciate the beauty of this towel.

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Wear your love of ramen around your neck with a noodle towel from Japan

Because there’s nothing more refreshing than patting your face dry with a bowl of ramen. 

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Peek-a-boo Shiba Inu towels from Japan celebrate their best trick: Getting stuck in silly places

Clever design lets you give these good boys some well-deserved pets as you dry your hands.

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Cat-shaped towel lets you imagine snuggling a furry kitty belly as you dry your face

Get your face dry and all the snuggles you want without worrying about having to explain claw marks across your forehead!

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Godzilla vs. Evangelion towels need all of Japan as stage big enough to contain their awesomeness

Culturally cool tenugui let you show your love of Eva Units, kaiji, and your favorite Japanese prefecture all at once.

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New kitty hand towels from Japan fold up to become adorable plush companions

You might be too old to carry an ordinary stuffed animal around, but what about one that has a practical purpose?

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Sailor Moon tenugui towels are a handy and elegant crossover of anime of tradition

When speaking English I generally try not to insist on using a Japanese word for something we’ve got a perfectly serviceable English term for. Onsen? Hot spring. Genkan? Entryway. Omotenashi? Hospitality.

Still, there are times when Japanese vocabulary can be really handy. Tenugui, for example, is a lot more succinct than its English equivalent: “cloths with decorative patterns, often traditional, that are longer than hand towels, yet narrower than bath towels, and can be used as handkerchiefs, tablecloths, gift wrapping, or interior decorations.” And as if linguistic convenience wasn’t reason enough, now there’s one more reason to embrace the Japanese word, or actually two, with these beautiful Sailor Moon tenugui.

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Creatively designed sushi roll towels give daily life a little extra flavor

When made properly, sushi rolls can be a pretty colorful and nicely designed food. There’s the white of the rice contrasting with the black/dark green of the seaweed, and then there are the colorful main ingredients, such as bright-orange ikura, green cucumber, yellow egg, and deep-red tuna. Maybe it’s this presentation that has drawn many companies to make products modeled after everyone’s favorite raw fish roll.

In the past year, a couple of brands have come out with incredibly cute and creative sushi roll towels. Unfolded, they look just like interestingly patterned towels, but bundled up, they turn into sushi rolls that look so delicious you’ll want to take a bite!

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