Tokyo theater holds special text message screening since audiences can’t shout during pandemic

Toho wants to show “the voice of your heart in written form” during hyper-violent action movie.

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Japanese movie theater with kotatsu seating looks like it’s the best cinematic experience ever

Japan’s amazingly cozy heated tables combined with movie magic? Sounds like the perfect way to spend a winter day.

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Japan’s all-female Takarazuka theater has enlightened 31.5:1 female to male bathroom stall ratio

In Japan, you’ll sometimes find extremely classy restrooms in surprising places, like sparkling-clean highway rest stops. But does that same metric apply to locations that you would expect to have swanky bathroom facilities?

It does in the case of the Takarazuka Grand Theater, home of the famous all-female Takarazuka Revue, which not only has an opulent restroom waiting for its guests, but also an extremely enlightened ratio of male to female bathroom stalls.

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