Toho Cinemas

Evangelion movies get special 4-D theater screenings to rock your body as they blow your mind

If you’ve ever wanted to get sprayed in the face while watching Eva, this is your chance.

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Tokyo theater holds special text message screening since audiences can’t shout during pandemic

Toho wants to show “the voice of your heart in written form” during hyper-violent action movie.

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Studio Ghibli films coming to cinemas for “once in a lifetime” event this summer

A sure-fire way to lure moviegoers back to theatres after the height of the pandemic.

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Your vote will decide which Ghibli film will be shown on the big screen in Japan!

You can now vote for your favourite Studio Ghibli film to watch on the big screen in Japan.

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Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade now showing in Japan with exclusive merchandise

Never has there been a more enchanted tale than that of a school of young witches and the small, newly founded animation studio that created them. Their success story reads like a fairytale: two former Gainax employees create Studio Trigger in 2011, release the animated short Little Witch Academia two years later, and thousands of fans across the world immediately fall madly in love with their film, eagerly raising funds through Kickstarter for a follow-up movie, which surpassed its goal of US150,000 in five hours, and ultimately made $625,518 for their next film.

Now it’s time to see what this group of dedicated fans helped to create, as the new film, Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade has finally hit big screens for a limited two-week run in Japan. And to add to the excitement of the highly anticipated release, there’s a line of exclusive merchandise available for film-goers to purchase until the film finishes screening on 23 October.

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Toho Cinemas desperately seeking customers accidentally served non-diet soda

We’ve spoken many times about the insanely good customer service here in Japan. The latest example comes to us from the branch of  Toho Cinemas in Umeda, Osaka. If you visit their webpage right now, you are immediately greeted with an urgent message and fervent apology from the management regarding a terrible mistake: Some customers were given the wrong soda!

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