Japan’s public broadcaster leaving threatening notes on people’s doorsteps

NHK is a great source of shogi, kabuki, and intimidation.

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Boy threatens to stab school staff forcing elementary students to wear Giorgio Armani uniforms

Threatening to cut people up with a knife is not the best way to go about airing frustrations.

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Shocking slogans promoting China’s one-child policy threaten to kill, sterilize, take away riches

Back when China enforced its one-child policy, slogans were publicly displayed to deter citizens from having too many children. Many of them were not so much educational, however, as disturbing…

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‘Die die die die die die!’ Fans rage after variety show host ‘kicks’ AKB48 starlet

The passion and loyalty of J-Pop group AKB48’s fans is well documented online, with incidents of disgruntled individuals threatening sarin gas attacks over trifling matters such as the group’s involvement in particular advertising campaigns, and grown men tearing up whenever one of the more popular members is caught breaking the group’s code of conduct by having a secret boyfriend.

Most of the time these eruptions amount to nothing, and we have all learned to ignore them for the most part, but an incident that occurred this past weekend has prompted an explosion of AKB fan rage online, with many openly declaring their desire to kill a well-known presenter for ‘kicking’ leading member Mayu Watanabe in the head during a live broadcast.

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