We visit Oshima, an island in Japan where walking counterclockwise means death【Haunted Japan】

We send Seiji to find out more about the terrible curse!

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Seiji attempts to moonwalk his way out of the curse of Oshimabashi【Haunted Japan】

A legendary curse versus a legendary dance move.

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Famous suicide spot turned Pokémon GO hotspot reports zero deaths so far in 2017

The jagged cliffs of Tojinbo was often visited by those seeking death, now it is visited by those seeking Girafarig.

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Is Pokémon Go helping prevent deaths at one of Japan’s most notorious suicide spots?

The intriguing story is making news around the country.

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Retired Japanese man who saved over 500 from suicide to become star of worldwide documentary

It’s no secret that Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. There are even popular “suicide spots” within Japan where many people go every year to end their lives. One such area is Tojinbo in Fukui Prefecture, where the tall seaside cliffs overlook the ocean, and as many as 100 people every year choose to fall to their deaths.

However that number has been declining in recent years, thanks to Yukio Shige, a 70-year-old retired police officer. He has made it his personal duty to patrol the area and talk to anyone who looks like they may want to jump over the cliffs, and he’s saved over 500 lives in the 11 years he’s been acting as personal seaside lifeguard.

And now he has a new role: the star of the movie that’s being made about his life.

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