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Airbnb offers special free stay at a traditional Japanese gassho house in a World Heritage Site

Unique accommodation plan will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of Studio Ghibli. 

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A Japanese vending machine perfect for samurai

If vending machines existed in the Edo Period, they would’ve looked like this. 

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Outrage sparks as investigation on burned Shuri Castle is closed with no conclusive results

Many can only speculate as to what happened to Okinawa’s beloved castle.

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Fire at Shuri Castle destroys sacred shrines at World Heritage Site in Okinawa

Blaze broke out during castle festival period. 

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Japan Bucket List II: 8 places you need to visit to really understand Japan

We at RocketNews24 believe that to truly understand a country’s people you need to know something about their history and where they came from. So following last week’s popular Japan Bucket List: Things you need to do to really understand Japan, this week we offer you eight places that contributed greatly to the development of Japan, its culture, and people.

Get ready to take your understanding of the Japanese people a step further with eight historical places that have helped shaped them into the people they are today. Let’s go!

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Japan’s top 3 rock “power spots”

The Japanese have long had a fascination with rocks. In fact, rock worship is an integral part of Shinto, Japan’s original religion. Iwakura (sacred rocks) can be found all over Japan. Rocks can be found in any Japanese garden, whether as stepping stones or objects of admiration themselves in dry landscape gardens or Zen rock gardens. One thing is for sure: Rocks are an integral part of the Japanese psyche.

So it’s no wonder that sacred rocks are popular among the Japanese as power spots. By harnessing the energy of these rocks, the Japanese are rediscovering their roots and the power of nature. But before we tell you about the three top rock power spots in Japan, we investigate how these monoliths and boulders gained their rock star status. Our rockin’ reporter uncovers the history and folklore of iwakura in Japan and gives suggestions on how to access the power of these rocks!

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