Shuri Castle

Outrage sparks as investigation on burned Shuri Castle is closed with no conclusive results

Many can only speculate as to what happened to Okinawa’s beloved castle.

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U.S. Marine Corps posts sympathetic message over burned Shuri Castle, Twitter debate ensues

Did this one particular response cross a line?

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Crowdfunding campaign opens to rebuild fire-ravaged Shuri Castle, raises over 290 million yen

Governor of Okinawa gives hoped-for target date for repair of symbol of Okinawa.

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“We will, absolutely, rebuild Shuri Castle” Okinawa governor promises after devastating fire

Castle’s main hall, two other buildings completely consumed by flames.

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Fire at Shuri Castle destroys sacred shrines at World Heritage Site in Okinawa

Blaze broke out during castle festival period. 

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The top 10 Castles in Japan to visit in 2019, as ranked by TripAdvisor users

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Take a tour of Okinawa’s longest running movie theater: this creepy adult cinema

Some historical sites are honored while others get the shaft, but that may just be how the Shuri Theater likes it.

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