Okinawan soul fool Pork Tamago Onigiri sold not at a five-star restaurant, but at an airport

So good, it might be worth travelling to an airport for!

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U.S. Marine Corps posts sympathetic message over burned Shuri Castle, Twitter debate ensues

Did this one particular response cross a line?

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Crowdfunding campaign opens to rebuild fire-ravaged Shuri Castle, raises over 290 million yen

Governor of Okinawa gives hoped-for target date for repair of symbol of Okinawa.

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Fire at Shuri Castle destroys sacred shrines at World Heritage Site in Okinawa

Blaze broke out during castle festival period. 

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Japanese sign uses the power of spirits to strike fear into passers-by and stop them from littering

Forget putting the fear of God into someone; this graveside sign calls on spirits to ensure people mind their manners.

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Take a tour of Okinawa’s longest running movie theater: this creepy adult cinema

Some historical sites are honored while others get the shaft, but that may just be how the Shuri Theater likes it.

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Okinawa’s capital city Naha officially recognizes same-sex partnerships

Colorful, tropical Okinawa just got even more rainbow-friendly.

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Oblivious tourists wander back into Japanese airport’s departure area, mass chaos ensues

Delays at airports are often inevitable due to congested air traffic or technical difficulties, or because the evil cabal of airline operators deemed it time for more delays. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly frustrating to have to wait an extra hour on the tarmac while children scream, people shuffle around, and someone possibly has an Alec Baldwin-esque outburst.

But these woes are nothing compared to what people at Japan’s Naha Airport endured when three tourists accidentally wandered back into the departures area and single-handedly put the entire airport on lockdown March 9.

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Multiple witness reports of mysterious lights over Okinawa 【Video】

At approximately 9:00pm on 23 January, reports started coming into the Okinawa Times about a strange array of lights over their capital city Naha. Japan’s Self Defense Force and astronomical experts are without answer, yet witness accounts and videos claim a dozen or so bright orange lights appearing to hang and shift around in the sky could be see in the area.

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