In search of the cave on Japan’s northern island that legends say is the gateway to hell

Seiji goes searching for a part of Ainu folklore in Hokkaido.

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Tokyo popup shop sells Japanese indigenous Ainu-inspired tableware for limited time

The collaboration also involves a steel maker in the business for 107 years.

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Journey through Ainu myth in the old-meets-new forest night walk Kamuy Lumina experience

This nighttime cultural experience in Hokkaido combines nature, storytelling, and digital art to immerse visitors in the stories of the Ainu.

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The time has come for us to eat Japanese squirrel hot pot【SoraKitchen】

Today’s recipe comes from Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido and the traditional culture of the Ainu people.

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Everything you wanted to know about the Ainu, with photos and video【Rocketpedia】

Bear sacrifice, female tattooing and fish-skin boots are all hallmarks of Ainu culture. Join us as we learn about Japan’s indigenous people and watch an intriguing video about their way of life.

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Japan Bucket List II: 8 places you need to visit to really understand Japan

We at RocketNews24 believe that to truly understand a country’s people you need to know something about their history and where they came from. So following last week’s popular Japan Bucket List: Things you need to do to really understand Japan, this week we offer you eight places that contributed greatly to the development of Japan, its culture, and people.

Get ready to take your understanding of the Japanese people a step further with eight historical places that have helped shaped them into the people they are today. Let’s go!

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Get Your Delicious Indigenous Grub on at Tokyo’s Only Ainu Restaurant

Even Japanese who have never been to Okinawa have probably eaten Okinawan food at one time or another due to the spread and popularity of Okinawan restaurants across the country.

The same unfortunately cannot be said for the food of Japan’s northern indigenous people, the Ainu. Even in cosmopolitan Tokyo, there is only one restaurant serving Ainu cuisine. Thankfully, though, the chefs at this restaurants are true masters of the art. Let us introduce HaruKor! Read More