2021’s top stories in cosplay and makeover news【SoraNews24 Year in Review】

Tokyo’s other Halloween hot spot, divisively skimpy maid cosplay, ladies who loo stunning in their 60s, and Seiji’s transformation into Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Can Tokyo hair stylists transform our reporter into Leonardo DiCaprio?【Photos】

Jack Dawson’s beloved Rose joins us for this titanic journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

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“Titanic Slide” available for rent in Japan, ready to offend at your next birthday party 【Pics】

Inflatable iceberg not included.

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Enjoy a movie and cook a succulent dish at the same time — Braised Pork a la Titanic【Recipe】

How would you like to cook up some sweet and succulent braised pork (kakuni)… while watching a movie? Well, there’s a recipe that actually lets you do that, and it’s recently been a huge hit online inJapan due to its unique and surprisingly effective instructions.

But what could a pork dish and the epic blockbuster movie Titanic have in common? We think you’ll get the idea once you see the instructions in the recipe.

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Japanese Titanic: a tale of garbled, hilarious, English

As anyone who has ever taught or studied a second language will tell you, online translation software simply don’t work. Sure, you can throw in short phrases or key words and it’ll help you out from time to time, and languages that are grammatically similar escape more-or-less unscathed, but the rest of the time the sentences these programs spit out is absolute garbage.

With a keen eye for humour, online hub and original content creators Smosh put together the following hilarious video, ‘Japanese Titanic‘. The script is made up entirely of lines generated by an online translator after turning the original English into Japanese and back again, making this easily one of the funniest videos we’ve seen in weeks.

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