Around the world women often turn to bizarre-looking contraptions in the quest to look more beautiful and Japan is perhaps home to some of the strangest.  Sometimes it even seems like beauty product makers are playing a huge joke on their customers by making them look more ridiculous than beautiful.

The latest of such products is Hana-Tsun (Pointy Nose), produced by Glim Inc., who are no strangers to thinking outside the box when it comes to beauty products.

This gadget works by simultaneously clamping the side of your nose while widening and lifting your nostrils.  The total effect should be a well-sculpted nose as seen on movie stars, only without the cost and pain that comes with plastic surgery.

Sounds good to me. Even though I’m a man, I can also feel self-conscious about my looks and want to augment them.  I mean, just look at me: my nose is short, droopy and, quite frankly, ugly.  

Well, I thought, not any more, thanks to this miracle device that I could buy discreetly over the internet.  I can finally get a nose that I can raise with pride as I look down on all the ugly people around me!

At first, I found the thing to be really uncomfortable, but like they say: no pain, no gain.  According to the box, I have to wear it for 20 minutes a day.  I tried to wear it while working at my computer but it was really hard to breathe.  I wouldn’t recommend eating or drinking with it on either as you might choke.

However, if you wear it while watching TV the time just flies by.  I’ve just started and I don’t know how long it will take to make me beautiful. The box doesn’t say either.  Yet I have faith I will soon become one of the elite with my new nose.  If you want to join me up there, you better buy one of these puppies too!

Original Story: Pouch

Here it is: Hana-Tsun

Just put it on and your nose will be beautiful eh?

It leaves your hands free to do work, if you can breathe.

If you want to drink you’re gambling with your life.

It gets in the way of smoking too, but once I have my new nose, it’ll all be worth it…