Japanese netizens recommend these products if you prefer a lighter make-up style.

There are different kinds of ladies (and gentlemen) in the world, who each subscribe to various levels of grooming. Some don’t bother at all, some bother (but only a little), and some take advantage of the full breadth of what makeup has to offer. If you’re somewhere in between “lazy applier” and “devout enthusiast”, and prefer a lighter use of makeup that still looks great, but is also easy to apply, then Twitter users know eight products you might like. These products are great for daily wear, if that’s your style, or if you still want to look good during a day in, or for when you’re running late and don’t have much time to do your makeup.

1. Maybelline Brow Ink Gel Tint

For a natural-looking, easy way to color your eyebrows, Twitter users say that this gel tint is a great option. This one works for the lazy girls too! Simply paint it on, wait for it to dry, peel it off, and voila, you have eyebrow coloring that lasts for up to seven days. Supposedly it doesn’t hurt to peel off either; no pulling out eyebrow hairs! It’s available for 1,296 yen (US $11.50) at most drugstores.

Twitter says:

“While I’m in the hospital I don’t want to go completely without makeup, so I bought some Maybelline Brow Ink Gel Tint to do at least my eyebrows….supposedly it lasts for up to a week, and when it’s on it looks just like powder! I like it!”

“I tried Maybelline’s Brow Ink Gel Tint. It’s good! I wonder how long I can make it last?”

“Eyebrow coloring is really great! Even though I didn’t think it would be good for my summer coloring, I picked up some medium-brown Maybelline New York Brow Ink Gel Tint. It’s not too dark! This will really work well for my work makeup, and I think it will wash off with a good cleansing if I want to go out [with more makeup] sometime.”

2. Kate CC Lip Cream 

While primarily offering relief for dry lips and UV protection, this lip cream is also a light lipstick. It comes in four seemingly bright colors, but it doesn’t seem to paint on too thickly, which is perfect for that natural look. Twitter seems to love it, at 432 yen ($3.84) per stick.

Twitter says:

“Kate CC Lip Cream! It’s so popular, it always seems to be sold out at the drugstore. It has five uses: moisturizing, coloring, gloss, base coating, and UV protection, and when you paint it on it’s slightly transparent!”

“Kate CC Lip Cream? I bought it and then forgot about it for a while, but when I put it on today I realized how good it is! It’s so moisturizing and it’s so much cuter than just putting on regular lip cream.”

“I really think Kate CC Lip Cream is the best…”

▼ How it looks on one netizen

3. Cezanne CC Lip Balm

If you’re wondering what the “CC”‘s are all about, it actually indicates that the cosmetic is meant to be a light coating or base coat (as opposed to BB which is much thicker, and intended to be used as the main product). That’s why CC products are convenient for natural looks, like this lip balm from Cezanne, which is not only a balm but also a gentle lip color that comes in pink and red. It’s also made with shea butter and lots of natural extracts, so it’s good for your lips, too. It sells for 518 yen ($4.60).

Twitter says:

“Their lipstick is a lot more famous, but I just bought Cezanne’s CC Lip Balm. It’s so cheap and the color is really nice. It’s awesome!”

“I’m trying out Cezanne CC Lip Balm. My lips get chapped really easily but they seem to be okay now.”

“Today I bought Cezanne CC Lip Balm. The color is amazing, and it made my lips so moist! I’m definitely buying it again!”

4. DHC Eyelash Tonic

For those who want to have longer or fuller eyelashes but want to forgo the dark or painted mascara look, DHC Eyelash Tonic would be what you need. It uses plant extracts to provide nutrients to your eyelashes, keeping them long and preventing them from breaking or falling out. It serves as a replacement for mascara, but you can use it as a base before applying mascara as well. It’s available for 1,058 yen ($9.40).

Twitter says:

“DHC Eyelash Tonic really extends your eyelashes! Well, rather than making them longer, it seems like it’s increased the number of lashes. I’m so excited! there’s such a difference just by using it in the morning and at night.”

“DHC Eyelash Tonic really does work! After New Year’s I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while, and they kept saying, ‘Your eyelashes have gotten so long!'”

“DHC Eyelash Tonic: wow. All I can say is wow! Scalp D’s Eyelash Serum made my eyes hurt, but DHC really made my eyelashes longer! I only have to use a curler now.”

5. club Suppin Eye Care Stick


“Suppin” in Japanese means “no-makeup”, so you know if a product has this word in it, it’s going for a natural look. The Suppin Eye Care Stick from club is a concealer for brightening up the skin around your eyes, to cover blemishes and wrinkles, and to serve as a base for eye shadow, but it is also a great natural-looking replacement for eye shadow if you want a lighter makeup style. You can find it at drug stores for 1,080 yen ($9.59).

Twitter says:

“No one can tell you’re wearing makeup when you use Suppin Powder coupled with Suppin Eye Care Stick, not even teachers! I recommend it if your school doesn’t allow makeup.”

“I’m using this right now. It works really well! The color is perfect and it’s so easy to apply. I’ve got to buy more!”

“My mother bought club’s Suppin Eye Care Stick yesterday. She says she wouldn’t use it when she wants to have a natural look, but she likes it as a base for eye shadow because the powder sticks to it really well. I used it on the back of my hand and it definitely stuck right on there and had a nice gloss.”

6. MiMC Moisture Milk

Retailing at 5,200 yen ($46.18) per bottle, this is undoubtedly one of the more expensive cosmetics on our list, but Twitter can’t recommend it enough. MiMC Moisture Milk is a lotion in powder form. According to the packaging, it’s made only with silk powder, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids, so using this powder will apparently make your skin super smooth and soft, but also springy and full at the same time. It’s a super moisturizing, nutrient power-packed powder lotion that can be used as the final touch to your skin-care routine or as the foundation for your make-up for the day, or simply as a way to get your skin looking make-up fresh, without the make-up.

Twitter says:

“My favorite cosmetic of 2017 was MiMC Moisture Milk.”

“On days when I just use MiMC Moisture Milk and Essen Moist Nonnano Particle Powder, my skin looks so nice at night! It does come off easily, though, so I have to buy some kind of liquid foundation to go with it for UV protection, or maybe a liquid base that only comes off when washed with soap.”

“Lately I’ve just been cheap and using baby powder, but when I used MiMC Moisture Milk for the first time in a while it really made me realize the difference. It works together with my sebaceous glands to create a nice luster, almost like a highlighter. It almost makes me wonder if it contains gold silk powder or something.”

7. Albion White Conditioning Powder

This product is intended to be a whitening agent for sun spots or other skin damage caused by the sun, so our dark-skinned readers may want to skip this product. But if your goal is to stay as white as a sheet like most geisha (whose painted-on pale skin represents ideal beauty in Japan), then this product will likely help you. Not only will it whiten dark spots, but it will also give your skin a nice translucency. By the sound of it, when you pat it on, it just melts right into your skin, creating a refreshing glow for maximum beauty, without the need for foundation. It retails at 5,400 yen ($47.95).

Twitter says:

Albion White Conditioning Powder was recommended to me because I hate cosmetics that make my skin feel sticky. It goes on silky smooth and dry but doesn’t dry out my skin!”

“I was told that I look pretty in a natural way when I used Albion White Conditioning Powder. When I was at an onsen in Izu, I put it on after getting out of the bath, and my skin looked so nice. The next morning, when I woke up, it was soft and moist too.”

“I bought a new makeup product today! I’ve been really interested in Albion White Conditioning Powder lately and I heard it’s really popular in China, so I decided to try it out. You could also call it a nighttime powder because it’s great for applying right before bed! You can use it on your whole body too, and it goes on nice and smooth, unlike other products. I’m looking forward to using it every night!”

8. Ettusais Medicated Acne Nighttime Defense


To keep that natural look, you’ll want to avoid using layers of foundation and cover-up. But those with skin problems are loath to let all their blemishes just hang out for everyone to see. That’s why Japanese Twitter recommends this acne fighting powder. Just pat it on after your skincare routine at night, and while you’re sleeping it’ll help prevent breakouts and blemishes, all while moisturizing. You can buy it for 2,500 yen ($22.20).

Twitter says:

“I hate it when my skin feels sticky after using a bunch of creams, so I really value my Acne Nighttime Defense Powder. I’ve been using it for about seven years now! It makes my skin feel so smooth, keeps the moisture in, and protects it from breakouts. It’s the best!”

“Ettusais Medicated Acne Nighttime Defense really works! It’s an acne prevention powder, but as soon as I started using it my pimples got smaller right away!”

“I tried out Ettusais Medicated Acne Nighttime Defense, and I like it because it makes my skin feel so nice and smooth! Lately, even as an adult I get pimples at certain times of the year, so if it helps with that too, I’ll really love it!”

Well there you have it. Eight products for a light, natural makeup look, including some skincare cosmetics to facilitate that look. There’s no better way to choose new cosmetics than hearing what people using them think about them, right? But if light makeup is less your style, or if you like to shake it up every once in a while, there is also a whole host of awesome Japanese makeup products for anime and game fans, like Princess Peach’s personal line or blush inspired by Sailor Moon’s brooch. Japan certainly has makeup products for everyone’s needs!

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Pakutaso