I’m sure many girls dream of having long, gorgeous eyelashes, and fake eyelashes are one way to achieve that. I know there are some quite outlandish fake eyelashes out there – some using materials like feathers or rhinestones – that are sure to catch the eye. Well, they do say the eyes are the window to the soul, so I guess “dressing up” your eyes is as good a way as any to make a statement. But it seems that fake eyelashes are not just for girls anymore, or just for humans for that matter.

Now you can give your car adorable long eyelashes with these fake eyelashes made especially for cars. All you have to do is tape them right above the headlights using double-faced adhesive tape, and you can add instant glamor and character to your car.

If you’re interested, the lashes are about 17.5cm (a little under 7 inches) long, and they’re available in Japan from several websites including amazon.co.jp and Rakuten for about 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen ($18.29 to $24.39) a pair. Who knows, your car may enjoy a bit of glamor!

Source: item.rakuten.co.jp(Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)