Senran Kagura is a series of ninja breast physics simulators for the 3DS that also include elements of side scrolling action. The first game was released in Japan in September 2011 to generally positive reviews, receiving praise for its exhilarating action-based gameplay and unabashed use of giant, 3D bouncing breasts in a variety of novel situations.

The game actually did so well that both an anime series and a sequel are set for release later this year. The latter, Senran Kagura Burst (which is ironically only a letter away from ‘bust’), will be hitting stores on August 30 and, to build anticipation for the launch, developers MarvelousAQL have teamed up with Akihabara cafe CAFE EURO to create two overtly erotic Senran Kagura-inspired desserts.

This “Chest-Thumping Senran Kagura Limited Edition Menu” will be available only at CAFE EURO from August 10 to August 19.

Customers have the choice of “Nyuu Nyuu Gelato” (400 yen) or “Nyuu Nyuu Soft Cream” (350 yen), both of which come with a special Senran Kagura sticker (see below) as well.

According to the pamphlet, both desserts were fashioned in the likeness of the promotional image above, which shows lead character and ninja-in-training Homura with a diploma nestled snugly in her cleavage. While we probably wouldn’t have made the connection before, now we don’t think we’ll be able to look at two scoops of ice cream without blushing again.

Be sure to check out the official trailer below if you want to see Senran Kagura action, because you can bet it’d take a miracle for a game like this to see an international release.

Source: Game Watch

▼ Promotional sticker

▼ Cups will feature the “diploma design” as well

▼ CAFE EURO in Akihabara

▼ First issue of the manga is out now!