The Shiba Inu is one adorable little ball of fluff, especially from behind. I mean, who can resist that curled up tail nestled atop a plump little posterior that shakes back and forth as they trot along.

Japanese blogger and Shiba Inu-lover Takedatake has recently found inspiration in that captivating rear view for a novel at-home recipe he calls: “Shiba Inu Plump Booty Curry.”

Instructions on how to make the dish follow below:

■ Ingredients

Rice, Japanese curry roux, black soy beans (kuromame) and pickle scallions (rakkyo). Those of you residing outside of Japan can probably find most or all of these at your local Asian grocery store, or just substitute them for something similar.

■ Preparation

First, place a scoop of rice on your plate and mold it into the likeness of a Shiba Inu’s rear end. The success of the dish is determined by the girth of those two hind legs, so be sure to pile it on high! Use your spoon or a finger to make the finishing touches.

After finishing the rice, place a single rakkyo at the top make the tail. Then, insert a black bean directly below the tail and between the two cheeks to make the…you know.

Finally, pour the prepared curry around the Shiba Inu’s hindquarters and voila! You have “Shiba Inu Plump Booty Curry!”

Now that’s one fine looking caboose!

Photos and original article courtesy of Takedatake