Have trouble getting to sleep? The sensory depriving qualities of a sleep mask might be just what you’re looking for.  Sure, you may think eye masks are for wealthy dowagers and other fuddy-duddies. However, these masks cater to the hip, urbanite otaku in all of us with patterns ranging from mainstream (Sailor Moon) to the obscure (Black Butler).

First, here’s a no-brainer.  Who hasn’t looked at a sleep mask and envisioned an SNES controller?

Next we have a couple Sailor Moon designs with and sans moon.

Then some Dragon Ball styles featuring an intense Krillin. The possible 9000 jokes can be extended to sheep and Z’s as well!


And you can sleep soundly protected by the steely glare of Golgo13.

Finally if you really want to freak out your stewardess during a flight, here’s Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler with his pentagram pupil.

You might think these works of art aren’t destined to be big sellers, and you’re probably right. But for all those manga and anime lovers who are also insomniacs, S&M enthusiasts, aspiring magicians, or kidnappers, look no further!

Source: Jyohoyasana(Japanese)