As long as you can remember to chew, you can reap the purported benefits of this gum.

New from Lotte, the company that brought us gum based on that game with the guy who wore the hat, and uh, cookies like those little grey Australian things with chocolate, comes a gum that is supposed to improve our memory.

It’s called… aw geez, hang on I got it written here… Ha ni Tsukinikui Gum — Kioku Ryoku o Ijisuru Type (Gum which Doesn’t Stick to Teeth — Memory Maintaining Type). Sure, it’s an absurdly long name for something intended for people with memory problems, but you’ll never forget its haunting spearmint flavor…or was it wintergreen?

The gum is available in both stick and pellet type to satiate whatever your initial chewing sensation preference may be. And in addition to being easy on the teeth for those with dentures or platinum grills, each gum is loaded with ginkgo biloba extract, the elements of which are said to help the brain remember stuff.

▼ One pack of stick type gum holds nine pieces

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking back to your kindergarten biology class’s unit on digestion. My teacher, Ms. Whats-Her-Face always said that food is mainly absorbed into the body through that those thingies in your gut, but some digestion does occur on your mouth.

So while this gum could have some effect, that company whose name escapes me at the moment says that it should be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise regiment to truly help maintain a healthy memory.

▼ One pack of pellet type gum has 12 pieces but has a slightly more bitter taste

It may not be a medical breakthrough in neuroscience, but if you’re a regular gum chewer anyway, it couldn’t hurt to give a little boost to the ‘ol noggin. The gum has been on sale since… I don’t know, but it’s on sale now for around 140 yen (US$1.25) a pack nationwide.

So in conclusion, while it might not be for everyone, this Zelda smartphone case would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s been a fan of the series since its hero first saved the Mushroom Kingdom from the Eggplant Wizard and revealed that he was actually a woman the whole time.

Source, images: PR Times