We all have co-workers who make us uncomfortable. A recent article on the website of popular Japanese tabloid magazine Spa included some stories about male co-workers that are too creepy to be true—at least, we hope. We thought we’d share them with you, because honestly, if these stories are true, they’re too scary to laugh

The original article is titled “Things Men Do at the Office that Creep the Hell Out of Women“.

It starts off with a confession by a 26 year-old office worker who admits that he sometimes stays late at the office until everyone else is gone, so that he can go through one of the cute girl’s computer content and personal belongings. Okay, so no privacy at the office there. Then there’s the 28 year-old office worker who says he has actually buried his face in the seat of the chair belonging to the cute girl next to him while she was away from her desk to feel the warmth of her body still on the chair.

Seriously, do Japanese men really do these things? And what do the ladies have to say?

Some of them say that strange things have indeed happened at the office, such as records of websites they haven’t browsed being left on their computer, or e-mails they don’t recall having seen being marked as “read”.

Cripes, that’s disturbing. It’s like having someone invisible trespassing into your life without permission! Another woman speaks of a case where a male co-worker’s antics led to what must have been a most awkward situation for those involved, when they arranged to use the coworker’s laptop during a meeting and upon starting the computer, a pornographic site was displayed on the screen. Embarrassing, certainly, and quite scary too, as it sounds like the kind of mishap that can actually happen!

But things don’t just stop at embarrassing; they progress into full-blown repulsive creepiness in the case of one woman who remembers arriving at work one morning to find some kind of strange white fluid dried onto her chair. She says she didn’t think too much of it at the time, just wondered whether she had spilled something, but we can imagine her horror when she later realized what it might have been…

Not surprisingly, occurrences like these can seriously upset and anger women, but men seem to be somewhat more lenient when it comes to naughty behavior at the office, although only up to a certain point, of course. Obviously, criminal behavior shouldn’t be tolerated, but according to one male office worker quoted in the article, browsing an “inappropriate” site (or two) isn’t an unforgivable crime as long as work is getting done, and employers who go so far as to restrict internet access at the workplace are only creating a stifling work environment. The tone of the article seemed to imply that more men than expected may share the same attitude on the matter (an unavoidable difference in opinion between the sexes, I guess).

We’re not sure how much fiction is contained in these stories—after all, the source is a tabloid—but in the unlikely event that you’ve had the urge to do any of the acts described above, we strongly recommend that you suppress them, if not for decency’s sake, then for the utter embarrassment it will cause you if you’re caught… just imagine!

Source: Nikkan Spa magazine website (Japanese)