Two men hit by woman falling out of window… who was looking at another man who fell off rooftop

Luckily, everyone involved is expected to pull through.

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Fluffy “Space Balls” Want to Keep Your Apartment Dust Free!

What is it with Japan and weird cleaning devices today? No sooner have we received news of a remote-controlled “awesome mop” and driveable dustbin than these fluffy little creatures turn up intent on keeping our homes clean!

Going by the moniker Mocoro (a play on the word marimo, a round, fluffy moss ball, and korokoro the onomatopoeic word for a rolling object) these new time savers/lazifiers from Japanese home appliance company CCP are designed to roll around your room picking up dust while you put your feet up.

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Simple Pleasures: The Story of One Man’s Love Affair with a Nylon Washcloth

“This is one thing that I want to continue using until the day I die.”

Of all the things that Japan is renowned for– all of its architectural triumphs, pioneering technology, sexy shenanigans and mind-bending animation — it comes as a surprise to this writer to read that one Chinese blogger in Japan values one thing above all else. Residing in Japan for more than 15 years, this 39-year-old blogger and professor of fine arts claims that, were he to return to his homeland, he’d miss one item more than anything else, and simply can’t begin to fathom why it hasn’t caught on back home.

Forget underwater Walkman music players, forget strawberry ramen and cuddle cafes; for this man, the humble nylon wash cloth is the pinnacle of Japanese invention, and it has become an essential part of his life.

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We all have co-workers who make us uncomfortable. A recent article on the website of popular Japanese tabloid magazine Spa included some stories about male co-workers that are too creepy to be true—at least, we hope. We thought we’d share them with you, because honestly, if these stories are true, they’re too scary to laugh

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