Domino’s Japan enjoys coming up with promotions that sets them apart from other pizza joints. Whether offering luxury pizzas or giving discounts to bearded twins wearing Bon Jovi T-shirts and/or carrying a parakeet, the chain tends to grab people’s attention.

Limber up your index fingers because Domino’s Japan has started the “Shortest Sale in the World” from 1-3 February. While three days doesn’t seems so short, the actual sale occurs for only 0.1 seconds at a time.

To win your 50% off coupon, all you have to do is click a button at a specified time within one tenth of a second.  The time is always a repeated number such as 3:03:03.3 or 11:11:11.1.

To join, just go to the official Domino’s Facebook page and click “like.” You’ll then be asked to add the contest app. If you’re okay with all of the terms and conditions then you’ll return to the same screen with your target time.

For example, while writing this article, I’m waiting for my shot at 3:03:03.3.  As I type, I dutifully limber up my fingers for that split (ten ways) second moment where I get my chance to make huge savings on a pizza.


Left waiting, it surely has occurred to someone to make a simple program that could click the mouse button at exactly the right moment – not that we condone that type of scheming…

Anyway, as the timer approaches my target, I clutch the mouse through the cold sweat of my palm. I try to center myself by envisioning dozens of Yuru-Kyara dancing together… and!



“Sorry, the sale takes place in 0.1 seconds.”

Ah well, my next chance is at 04:04:04.4, and Domino’s says you can try as often as you like before 3 February. As of this writing, there have been 1,782 winners out of 16,349 attempts.

If you are in Japan and are looking for a crack at cheap pizza (i.e. regularly priced in North America), just click on over to Facebook and try your luck!

Source: Domino’s Pizza on Facebook via IT Media (Japanese)