Tongue-in-cheek tweet leads to offer for free pizza in the belly.

In Japan, there are two different philosophies about pizza. Some chefs will go so far as to move to Italy and spend years apprenticing in local pizzerias before returning to Japan and recreating the orthodox, traditional flavors they learned during their time abroad. And on the other end of the spectrum, there are Japanese pizza places that simply use the round circle of dough as a canvas to dress up with anything they think will taste good.

Domino’s Pizza Japan, as you might expect, is in the latter group, and its latest innovation is a fish and chips pizza. Called the Sakusaku (“Crispy”) Fish and Chips, it’s topped with slices of fried fish and potato, both tomato and tartar sauces, and sprinkled with basil. Perhaps the most unusual ingredient is lemon, in that instead of squeezing some citrus juice on the pizza like you might a basket of pub fish and chips, there are actual lemon slices, peels included, used as a topping.

This is far from Domino’s Japan’s first startlingly unique pizza. Our tongues still remember the fiery kiss of its moody anime heroine-inspired Tsundere Pizza, and it was only a few months ago that they sold us a pizza with boba tapioca and mochi dumplings. Still, if you’re not regularly reading through Domino’s Japan’s menus, the sight of the Crispy Fish and Chips Pizza could come as a shock, as it did to London Twitter user @marcooth.

Since sarcasm can be kind of hard to convey in writing, @marcooth tweeted a follow-up explaining that he “would probably quite enjoy eating this.” A few hours later, Domino’s Pizza Japan, having notice his original tweet, offered him an apology, and also some free pizza.

Japanese companies have earned a sterling reputation for their customer service in recent years, and in the case of Domino’s Japan, apparently they’re happy to provide such accommodation even to people who haven’t actually purchased anything from them yet. It’s a generous gesture, too, as he Crispy Fish and Chips Pizza starts at 3,000 yen (US$27) for a medium and goes up to 4,200 yen for a large.

In a message of thanks, @marcooth also said that with him being based in London, the logistics unfortunately probably won’t work out for the free pizza offer. The more we think about it, the recipe has our stomachs rumbling. After all, we thought Domino’s Japan’s pizza rice bowls sounded pretty crazy when we first heard about them, but we came around pretty quickly after a taste test.

Source: Twitter/@dominos_JP via Yuruku Yaru via Otakomu
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