Denny’s Japan offers mountain of pancakes and ice cream to guests on their birthday—for free!

Join our Japanese writer on a taste-test of dreams. We promise this is the only birthday cake you’ll ever need!

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“Live child” nets 50 yen discount for noodle shop customers

A popular udon noodle shop in Japan, “Hanamaru Udon,” is offering a 50 yen discount for each “live child” that customers bring to their stores starting on October 7. With talks of Tokyo hiking the consumption tax, parents can rest easier knowing their kids can be exchanged for delicious udon.

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Domino’s Pizza’s “Shortest Sale in the World” Being Held for 0.1 Seconds

Domino’s Japan enjoys coming up with promotions that sets them apart from other pizza joints. Whether offering luxury pizzas or giving discounts to bearded twins wearing Bon Jovi T-shirts and/or carrying a parakeet, the chain tends to grab people’s attention.

Limber up your index fingers because Domino’s Japan has started the “Shortest Sale in the World” from 1-3 February. While three days doesn’t seems so short, the actual sale occurs for only 0.1 seconds at a time.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Offers 25% Discount for Beards, Ugly Shirts, Parakeets and More

Last week, Dominos Japan launched the “Amazing Coupon Festival”, a bizarre discount campaign offering 25%-off coupons to anyone who fulfills one or more of nine seemingly random conditions.

So what do you need to have to get the discount? Let’s just say it’s a good time to be a bearded second-year high school student with a parakeet.

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McDonald’s Japan is Giving Away Free Hamburgers This Weekend!

Pretty much every major business in Japan had an awful financial year in 2011. Earthquakes, tsunamis, a nuclear disaster and the world economy being in dire straits will do that to a company. But at the end of the financial year, one business did something that no others could- posted a record profit. That company was hamburger chain McDonald’s.

Maybe it’s their genuinely impressive customer service. Maybe it’s the fact that they offer their food at such low prices. Maybe it’s the fact there is seemingly always some kind of a freebie up for grabs or discount offer to be taken advantage of. With coupons available all over the internet for McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, the sight of customers flashing smart-phone screens at staff or holding their mobile phones over electronic readers is extremely common. This coming weekend, however, no amount of trawling coupon websites will pay off quite as much as a trip to the store itself. Read More