Pokemon Accesories1

These adorable tail motif Pokemon goods are on sale now and are only available at the seven official Pokemon Centers in Japan.

Pikachu, Eevee, Minccino, Slowpoke, Wobbuffet, and Sentret were chosen as the latest Pokemon to be turned into delightful goods. The tails of these select Pokemon can be found on phone charms, pens, coffee mugs, audio jack accessories, and iPhone 5 cases. Keep in mind that Japan loves limited edition goods, so hurry on over to a Pokemon Center near you and catch these Pokemon while you can.

Pokemon Accesories3 Pokemon Accesories2

▲  Tail audio jack accessory + iPhone5 cover…… 2,000 yen (US $21.41)

Pokemon Accesories4 Pokemon Accesories5

▲  Tail audio jack accessory…… 600 yen (US $6.42)

Pokemon Accesories6 Pokemon Accesories8 Pokemon Accesories9

▲  Tail coffee mug…… 1,280 yen (US $13.70)

Pokemon Accesories10 Pokemon Accesories11

▲  Clear file set…… 280 yen (US $2.99)

Source: IT Media

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