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What’s white and sweet and makes you feel happy all over? Well, Mister Donut Japan’s new line of doughnuts that has just been released this week certainly fits that description! While Krispy Kreme Japan may have added a little zing to their doughnuts by combining them with ice cream, Mister Donut has come out with a new series of white doughnuts created in collaboration with Calpis — known as Calpico in some countries, perhaps due to its unfortunate pronunciation — the popular yogurty-tasting white drink loved by people of all ages in Japan.

So, let’s see what delectable milky-white treats Mister Donut has in store for us this summer!

This is the second year Mister Donut has teamed up with Calpis, and it seems the first series of Calpis-flavored doughnuts that were sold last summer were popular enough for the collaboration to make a come-back. This time, they’re offering these four lovely-looking Calpis doughnuts:

▼This is the “Calpis Chou Ecle” (129 yen [US$1.25]), a kind of cross between a cream puff (chou à la crème) and an éclair, made with a Calpis cream filling and topped with powdered sugar and lines of white chocolate decoration.

▼Here’s the “Calpis Pon de Ring” (151 yen [$1.50]), their relatively new but now trademark light and chewy Pon de Ring doughnut with Calpis cream sandwiched in-between and topped with powdered sugar.

▼There’s also the “Calpis Waff” (129 yen), their light and fluffy Waff doughnut also with Calpis cream sandwiched inside, and partially coated with white chocolate on the outside.

▼And last but not least, we have the ” Calpis Doughnut” (151 yen), the popular yeast shell doughnut filled with Calpis cream and covered with a light layer of powdered sugar.

And if you’re simply not able to choose just one doughnut, there’s the special edition “Misdo Bits Calpis pack” that contains six types of delightful bite-sized doughnuts:  the “White Old Ball“, old-fashioned doughnut balls coated with white chocolate; the “Calpis Fluffy Ball (Calpis Funwari Ball)”, small fluffy doughnut balls filled with Calpis cream; the “Strawberry“, strawberry-flavored doughnut shells filled with strawberry cream; the “Calpis Pon de Ball“, mini doughnut balls made from Pon de Ring dough filled with Calpis cream; the “Pon de Golden Ball“, also made from  Pon de Ring dough and covered with a crunchy golden topping; and the “White Churro“, small pieces of churros covered with white chocolate. Phew!

▼The Misdo Bits Calpis come in a 30-piece pack (1,188 yen [$11.60]),  an 18-piece pack (712 yen [$7]) or a six-piece pack (237 yen [$2.30]).

And just in case any of you have plans to seriously frequent Mister Donuts in Japan in the near future, they’re also running a special “Pon de Lion Changing Glass and Stirrer (Pon de Lion Kawaru Glass and Muddler)” campaign, where you get a coupon for every 300 yen you spend, and for eight coupons you can get an original Mister Donut and Calpis glass and stirrer set, which is actually quite neat — the expression of the lion changes when you hold and twist  the glass, and the color of the polka dots also changes when you pour in a cold drink! Plus, the color of the stirrer shifts too, depending on how it catches the light.

▼The original glass and stirrer set, which comes in three colors:

Well, we think the white Calpis doughnuts look just beautiful, and the refreshing, yogurty flavor of Calpis should make them a delightful snack in the summer. The glass and stirrer campaign will run until August 3, while the doughnuts are scheduled to be available until late August. As you can guess, we’re always grateful for any treat to help get us through the hot weather, so here’s a big thank you to Mister Donut and Calpis for the sweet summer goodness!

▼We’ll leave you with a short promotional video of the Calpis doughnuts for your entertainment!

Source: PR Times press release (Japanese), Mister Donut official website (Japanese)
Top image: Mister Donut official website
All other photos: PR Times press release