They may be for kids, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t want them too!

Mister Donut has done it again. They’ve collaborated with a popular brand and created some very cute goods and donuts…and even though they’re being sold as “kids’ sets”, we want to buy them for ourselves!

The long-awaited collaboration is with Sumikko Gurashi, a San-X troop of adorably quirky characters, and it’s the first time these two brands have teamed up together.

There are two components to this special limited-edition tie-up: donuts and limited-edition merchandise. The theme of both is “Happiness and Gathering”, which is basically what Sumikko Gurashi is all about. The donuts are fluffy and soft mini-donuts made with yeast dough and topped with colors representing different characters.

There are two sets; the first is “Sorairo” (literally “sky colour”), which comes in a blue tray and contains donuts for the characters of Shirokuma (white chocolate), Penguin? (white chocolate sprinkled with green apple-flavored sugar), and Neko (honey glazed).

The second is “Momoiro” (literally “peach colour”), which comes in a pink tray and has donuts inspired by the characters Tonkatsu (white chocolate coated with kinako roasted soybean flour), Tokage (white chocolate coated with soda-flavored sugar), and Ebifurai (honey glaze with crunchy bits).

Both trays are specially designed so that you can connect them up and make a corner, or “sumikko.” You can order them for 237 yen (US$1.64) each for takeout and 242 yen for eat-in.

There are also two sets of merchandise with Sumikko Gurashi characters on them, including two glasses and two melamine plates, which will be released separately. The glasses are the first release. They’re made with strong materials and designed for small hands to hold easily, and of course are adorable, with different Sumikko Gurashi characters surrounded by donuts on each.

The melamine plates come in two designs, “Gyutto”, with all the characters clustered together, and “Tatezumi”, where they have climbed atop each other to create a tower. Both plates are 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) in diameter and of course, are made of a sturdy material.

You can get the merchandise as a set with your donuts. If you buy one menu item worth 151 yen or more, then you have the option to add the Kids’ Drink Set (450-452 yen depending on eat-in or takeout) or the Kids’ Goods Set (370 yen). Both come with one merchandise item of your choice plus an original paper shopping bag (and a kid’s drink in the case of the Drink Set).

The donuts are on sale now and will be available until the end of September, and the glasses are also available now, but only as long as supplies last. The plates will come out on August 2. The merchandise is expected to be very popular, and the Mister Donut website reports that some stores have already run out of glasses, so if you happen to see some in your local branch, snatch them up before it’s too late!

And while you’re at Mister Donut, don’t forget to try their new Zaku Mocchi Ring donuts–if you’re not stuffed full of Sumikko Gurashi mini-donuts already.

Source: PR Times, Mister Donut
Images: PR Times

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