Rollie EggMaster

How do you usually cook a sunny side up egg? We’re guessing most people plop an egg into a frying pan with a little oil and hope for the best. However, our reporter Kuzo has just discovered a new way to eat eggs thanks to the “Rollie EggMaster.” Straight from, you guessed it, the USA, the Rollie EggMaster works like a toaster to cook an egg in minutes. Although the Rollie EggMaster is sold in North America and cannot be shipped to Japan, Kuzo was able to get his hands on one and proudly made an “egg on a stick” for the entire RocketNews24 office, delighting our Japanese editorial team.

Here’s a report from Kuzo about this bizarre product。Suffice it to say he was pretty blown away:

I made an egg on a stick

The Rollie EggMaster allows anyone to easily make what can only be described as “an egg on a stick.” I couldn’t wait to try it out!

It came!!! Time to make some eggs.

Rollie EggMaster2

Rollie EggMaster3

Just set it and… wait five to six minutes!

All you need is the “Rollie EggMaster” stick egg machine, some cooking oil, and a raw egg. Coat the inside of the machine with cooking oil, add two medium-size eggs, and insert the skewer. Now you’re only five to six minutes away from the perfect egg on a stick.

▼ The Rollie. Not to be confused with a Tenga.

Rollie EggMaster5

▼ The small hole into which you pour your cracked egg.

Rollie EggMaster6

▼Here we go!

Rollie EggMaster7

Rollie EggMaster8

▼ Glug, glug , glug, down she goes.

Rollie EggMaster9

▼ And the all-important stick.

Rollie EggMaster10

Rollie EggMaster11

Rollie EggMaster12

It’s fun to watch

Once the egg is finished cooking, it automatically rises up out of the machine. It’s so cool!

Rollie EggMaster13

Rollie EggMaster14

Add other ingredients and make an omelet on a stick

When I cut the fried egg in half, the egg yolk was completely cooked. This is such an interesting way to eat eggs and it’s a nice break from the usual pan-fried variety. You can even get a little creative and add other ingredients to make an omelet on a stick!

Rollie EggMaster17

Rollie EggMaster15

Rollie EggMaster16

▼  Watch a video of Kuzo’s egg adventures with awesome music.

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