Hello Kitty Melons Selling for an Exorbitant Price in JapanJapan seems to have mastered the art of growing cute fruit. Heart lemons, star cucumbers, and even the infamous square watermelons are all testaments to the lengths farmers in Japan will go to in order to provide the masses with adorable fruit. The newest delightfully deformed fruit to hit the market is a musk melon with an image of Hello Kitty etched into the rind. However only a select few who are quick (and rich) enough to snatch them up will be able to enjoy the flavor of Hello Kitty’s melons in their mouth.

These adorable melons will be on sale until July 31 and only 300 will be sold online by gourmet food specialty shop, Belluna. Head on over to their website and grab your own Kitty melon for 4,980 yen (US$48.53) with free shipping within Japan.

As is true with most fruit sold in Japan, especially the high-priced variety, the Hello Kitty musk melon is sure to be the sweetest, juiciest melon you’ve ever had. Even if it isn’t delicious, it’s guaranteed to be the cutest melon you’ll ever see.

Source: IT Media