barcats title

Chubby cats? Check. Photographer cats? Check. Cat nuts? Sure, if you’re into that kind of thing. But cool cats propping themselves up on a makeshift bar? Okay, I think that’s a first even for us!

Recently posted to YouTube by Japanese user Chikatama, the following video sees white Scottish Fold Tama and his ginger pal Fufu hanging out on a typical weekday evening, too cool to start a conversation but for some reason never wanting to go home. Suffice it to say it cheered us right up!

Yes, we know it’s Monday, and we know that means it couldn’t possibly be any longer until it’s time to sit around in your underpants and stuff Cheetos into your shout hole again, but it’s important to remain positive. Life isn’t always easy, but as these feline patrons show, it’s quite possible to be cool even on a school night and take one day at a time. Ordering drinks, demanding more food and finally slumping over the bar in a drunken heap, these are some seriously relaxed cats.

You can check out the video in full below. But be warned: this might just make your Monday 10 times brighter!

Source: YouTube Chikatama via IT Media (Japanese)