After our extremely delicious hot steamed bun tip for keeping cool during the brutal Tokyo summer, we decided to follow up with an iced drink recipe to accompany those sweet, soft buns. We’re still talking about bread, right?

The only problem was we spent all day snacking on steamed buns and experimenting with other ways to keep cool and we had to hurry up and make something or risk missing happy hour. So we settled for the old standby of throwing a few things from the fridge together in a bowl. Would you believe it turned out great!

First, we’ll show you the result, then reveal the shockingly easy recipe:


We’ve decided to call this drink the King Harry, to fool people into thinking it’s more complex than it really is.

You’ll need the following four ingredients:

1)      A watermelon
2)      Some Sprite
3)      Sugar
4)      Ice

With a list of ingredients that simple, we’re sure you can probably deduce the rest of the recipe for yourself. But, just in case:

1)      Cut the watermelon into a bunch of bite-size cubes.
2)      Put the watermelon in a bowl, add Sprite until it covers the watermelon pieces.
3)      Add a few pinches of sugar.
4)      Add some ice.

OPTIONAL BONUS FIFTH STEP: Add liquor. Come on, it’s the weekend!


The secret to this recipe is that the Sprite softens up the watermelon just enough to give it a texture similar to sherbet, and the carbonated bite makes it all the more refreshing – perfect for this year’s kill-me-now hot Tokyo summer.

It’s also versatile. You’re free to try this recipe with different or, if you’re feeling dangerous, even additional types of fruit. Go ahead, we won’t stop you. It also makes a great low alcohol cocktail with a little white wine mixed in.


Give this quick, super simple recipe a try and let us know what you think in the comments, or share your own summer drink creations with everyone else!








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