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It might be nearly 30 years old, but the original Super Mario Bros. remains one of the most beloved and played old-school platformers in the world. There’s something about goomba stomping, block smashing and Bowser boiling that people just can’t seem to get enough of, and modders continue to tinker with the basic gameplay and build original levels to this day.

The following video, apparently taken at Gamescom last month, shows the efforts of 974 players as they sprint through a custom-made level against the clock. Combining their runs into a single video results in what can only be described as an 8-bit river of Marios, cascading over pipes and mushrooms, hell-bent on reaching the princess, and it makes fantastic viewing.

Check this madness out. (Be sure to hit the full-screen button.)

It’s like watching a bunch of mustachioed lemmings on the warpath!

Uploader Maurice1000 writes that, rather than being caused by a glitch in the game or video, a few Marios can be seen standing still at some points as a result of a three-second penalty incurred for dying. But what bothered us far more than a few stationary Marios was the performance of the guy who came in last place; we very much doubt that the hero of the mushroom kingdom cares for alcohol, but we could swear that one plumber is completely wasted.

Source: YouTube Maurice1000 via Hachima Kikou

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