Someone believed to be a college student recently posted an image of another college girl shoplifting food on Twitter. According to the photos, she girls stole some onigiri and what appear to be two cups of instant noodles.

This is just the latest installment in the recently growing fad of posting obnoxious or illegal behavior on Twitter with the apparent aim of receiving hate posts from other netizens. This tweet was no different, receiving scorn and speculation for scores of watchers.

Two photos of the incident were posted with a pleasant sparkly background and caption which read:

Enjoying school recently.
[name withheld]: Today, [name withheld] is too cute. lol
Shoplifted at the school store.
Too cute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥”


Netizens in Japan admonished the student in the photo but also the person who posted it, saying that they should have done something to intervene. Other keyboard criminologists speculated that since the photographer did nothing to stop this, then it must be habitual behavior that started long before.

I’m personally inclined to think that these pictures are intended to be a joke. Unfortunately for the human race, it’s not because no one is stupid enough to commit a crime and then broadcast it on the internet; it’s more that the food she’s “attempting” to steal doesn’t look like it would fit in that hood. That and the sparkly background.

If this is meant to be a joke, then it opens up an interesting legal situation. These girls would have basically framed themselves by posting photographic evidence along with a confession of the crime. If reported, the police would be compelled to investigate.

Throw in a store owner looking to make an example out of someone and you just set yourself up for a crime you didn’t commit.

Source: Twitter
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