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University life may not be quite how it appears in the countless teen comedies that Hollywood coughed up during the early noughties, but it can still be a lot of fun. And if these photos taken during an event at Kangwon National University’s recent campus festival are anything to go by, some colleges aren’t afraid to cross a few lines when it comes to having a good time.

The kinky couples’ milk-drinking contest, which saw young men covering their girlfriends in cow’s milk before frantically licking it all off, took place last Wednesday at the prestigious university in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

After pouring jugs of the liquid over their swimsuit-clad girlfriends, the male students were tasking with burying their faces in every nook and cranny and ensuring that not trace of milk remained.

milky drinky

To the university’s chagrin but absolutely no one’s surprise, the above photos quickly found their way onto social network sites and were shared all across the country. While some simply shrugged them off as little more than a harmless stunt, others were angry that such risqué behaviour should be tolerated at one of Korea’s oldest and most respected universities, and filed complaints with the school.

On the evening of September 27, the university’s student council released an official statement of apology, stating that they were “deeply sorry for sullying the image of the university.”

Call us crass if you will, but the only thing we’d have bothered emailing the university to complain about would be the apparent lack of cookies to hand during the event.

Source: Chuo Nippo
Photos: Hachima Kikou