The Coca-Cola Company recently launched a branding campaign in Spain, allowing consumers to personalize a Coca-Cola can or bottle with their name on it.

The global brand has achieved numerous marketing successes over the years, so it’s no surprise that the campaign received overwhelming response in just a couple of days. In fact, this award-winning “Share a Coke” campaign has been launched in several countries including Denmark, Australia, France and the UK, so some of you lucky people out there might already own one of those shiny red cans with your name on it. Nothing new, you might think, but there is a little twist behind the scenes this time.

What’s truly refreshing about this event, is that it is the very first campaign Coca-Cola has ever launched in Spain since they started selling the carbonated drink in the country in 1953. That’s 60 years of watching all the other countries get their fun with the creative promotional stunts!

The Spanish must be so excited over their first Coke campaign, but it seems the beverage giant took a little shortcut in this run. Although it claims to be a personalization service, the company is said to have chosen to only print 122 commonly used names in Spain, such as “María”, “José”, “Ana” and general titles for “Dad”, “Mum”, “Daughter” and so on. They also threw in a couple of options that could make nice party gifts, such as “Most Beautiful Smile”, “Cutest Couple”, you get the idea. The cola brewers have previously received backlash from consumers in other countries due to similar name selection strategies, but with so many unique names in the world, it is quite inevitable that they have to narrow down on the variety in order to cut down on production time.


These names will be on 3 variations of packaging, including cans, glass bottles and PET bottles, totaling up to 5.5 million prints.

There were rumors that the marketing geniuses behind the “Share a Coke” campaign intended to produce “King” and “Queen” versions for celebratory sharing in Amsterdam when the Dutch crowned their new King earlier this year, but the idea was deemed too cheesy for execution.

Some cheeky consumers commented that they wanted to print “Pepsi” on their Coke cans. What would you like to print on your can?
For those of us whom Coca-Cola hasn’t reached out to, there’s no harm in enjoying some cheap thrill by personalizing a virtual can of Coke with the company’s Facebook app here.

Source: Jandan Reference: The Huffington Post
Image: RocketNews24, ComparteCocaColacon