Char Aznable

You can use anime mecha weaponry to open your mail with this awesome Gundam letter opener【Photos】

It’s how Char would handle his fan mail.

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Gundam face masks will help you stay safe when you have to be mobile during the pandemic【Photos】

Maybe if we all wore Char Custom masks, the pandemic would be over three times as quickly.

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Tailors to Queen of England design ultra-luxurious Gundam cosplay outfit with jaw-dropping price

Savile Row suit maker recreates anime villain Char’s military uniform, and it costs far more than three times what a normal cosplay costume does.

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Limited edition Gundam cake up for preorder, comes with Char’s custom plate and fork!

Some of the lesser-known joys of Japan are the occasional anime/video game and cake collaborations. Sure, taking your favorite hobby and injecting it with some cake is a no-brainer, but these limited offers always bring some very unique collectables with them. Monster Hunter fans who pre-ordered their Rathalos cakes should be getting them next month.

Now we present to you the Char Zaku Cake Set. It’s a cake in the shape of Char Aznable’s custom MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type served on Char’s custom cake dish and fork.

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