There’s a five-frame comic doing the rounds on Twitter that’s got all the ladies talking. Called “The day of period pain”, it’s being praised for authentically depicting that dreaded time of the month and proves that, in Japan, there really is a comic about everything.

Created by twitter user Kazari Tayu, the comic has had over 10,000 re-tweets, with comments like, “I totally relate to this” and “I wish men could feel this too”.

In Japan, where working women can take paid menstrual leave as part of their contracts, it’s not uncommon to persevere through the pain at work only to leave early and deal with the pain at home. The comic strip shows some of the common ways to get some relief.


▲ At work


▲ At home, waiting for the drugs to kick in


▲ An impromptu posing tournament for cramp relief begins


▲ Post-trauma relief come bath-time


▲ Only to realise what you’ve done by soaking in the tub

In Japan, if something ails you, a soak in a hot tub will make it all better. That is, of course, unless it’s that time of the month.

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