Starbucks has a policy of seamlessly blending their coffee outlets into remote tourist locations around the world. So when two brothers in Bangkok set up their street-side coffee cart business under a familiar looking green logo, Starbucks was quick to assert that this was not one of their operations.

Damrong and Damras Maslae are now in hot water as the global coffee franchise is coming down hard and suing them for copyright infringement.

The popular two-man coffee cart business has been operating under the green and white “Starbung Coffee” logo for a number of years in the well-known backpacker district of Pra Athit, Bangkok. Starbucks asked the brothers to stop using the logo last year, but they refused, saying the green colour, stars and Halal mark were influenced by their religion, Islam, while the older brother’s nickname, “Bung” provided the inspiration for the company title.

Starbucks responded by demanding compensation of 300,000 baht (US$9, 495) with 7.5% interest per year until they stop using the logo, alongside monthly compensation of 30,000 baht (US$949) and payment for legal fees.

Damrong hit back at the coffee giant by demanding they pay him 3 million baht. He said if the company wanted him to stop using his logo he would be happy to settle the matter by selling his business to Starbucks for that amount. It should be noted that while Damrong charges 30 baht (US$0.94) for his drinks and uses his earnings to support his six children, Starbucks charges three times that amount for their drinks and nets a profit of US$1.38 billion.

Source: Newsclip