New merchandise released this month includes colorful summer-themed tumblers and a stylish cooler bag.

The rainy season this year in Japan has been unusually long, but summer finally seem to be kicking in, at least at Starbucks. Not only are they now offering the mouth-watering Peach on the Beach Frappuccino, they’ve also come out with a series of summer-themed goods that are sure to catch the eye.

Let’s take a look at Starbuck’s Japan’s 2019 summer merchandise line-up:

● Slim Handy Stainless Steel Bottle in Summer Icons design (4,000 yen [US$37])

This bottle is decorated with summer-themed patterns including Frappucinos and watermelon slices and comes in a bright pink color that should boost your energy during the hot summer months. The double layered vacuum bottle is well-insulated to keep your drink either hot or cold.

● Curved Stainless Steel Bottle in pink and yellow (3,800 yen)

This bottle with a screw-on lid comes in a gradation of summery colors with the Starbucks name featured prominently in white. The lid is embossed with the siren logo, and additionally, the inner lid comes with an air hole that allows you to more fully enjoy the aroma of your drink. This bottle too is made in a double-layer vacuum design,

● Stainless Steel Tumbler in Watermelon design (3,600 yen)

This tumbler comes in a bold and creative design that resembles a watermelon. It also comes with a second replaceable lid that you can use for hot drinks. Again, the tumbler is well-insulated due to its double-layered vacuum design.

● Tumbler with Watermelon patterns in gradation colors (1,800 yen)

This tumbler is decorated with vibrant patterns of watermelon slices, and the bright color gradations are sure to brighten your summer day.

● Tumbler in HANABI (fireworks) design (1,900 yen)

This tumbler comes in a new product shape and is decorated with radiant firework patterns. The bright design and gradation colors look perfect for the summer season.

● Double Wall Sunny Bottle in HIMAWARI (Sunflower) design (2,600 yen)

This bottle is also a colorful tribute to summer, decorated with illustrations of sunflowers and Frappuccinos. Plus, the bottle comes with a removable silicon lid in the shape of a straw hat that only adds to the visual fun.

● Mug in HANABI design (1,900 yen)

This black mug is designed to look like fireworks lighting up the night sky and is a stylish and enchanting depiction of a summer fireworks display.

● Double Wall Glass in Watermelon design (2,300 yen)

This double-wall glass is heat-resistant and is decorated with pop-looking watermelon slices. The glass itself is also made in a visually pleasing round shape, somewhat like a whole watermelon.

● Glass in Summer Icons design (1,100 yen)

This glass features a pattern of summer-themed illustrations including watermelons and Frappuccinos and should be perfect for serving cold drinks in the summer.

● Insulated Cooler tote bag and original cold pack (2,200 yen)

This stylish cooler bag combines simple canvas material with a straw hat-like mesh to give it a summer feel.  As a bonus, it comes with adorable cold packs in the shape of a Frappuccino drink and a watermelon slice that you can use to keep your drinks and food cool. The bag even has mesh pockets inside where you can place the cold packs.

● Cup-shaped Clips (1,400 yen)

These clips are made in the design of Starbucks paper cups with the siren logo on the front and the customization menu on the back. Each set contains four clips in different sizes that can be used on various items including bags of coffee beans.

Once again, Starbucks does a fine job of tempting us with attractive seasonal merchandise. If you’re willing to give into the temptation — and we completely understand if you are — hop into a Starbucks in Japan (or onto their online shop here) before all the goods are gone and enjoy the summer vibes!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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