Ever wished you could snuggle up and be totally enveloped in your cat’s warm embrace, or just lie on them like a sofa? If only cats were big enough for that. Wait… if cats were that big, you’d feel mouse-sized. Which I think is a little creepy. Still, you could achieve the impossible dream… to sit on your cat, and not the other way round.

Here we have a giant cat sofa to snuggle up on. I don’t know, I imagined it a lot furrier, more like a Persian longhair, and less limp. Cattiness aside, how many cat couches are out there? This is the first one I’ve seen.

Created by Belgian design studio Unfold for an installation in Luchtbal, Antwerp, this mega-kitty recently attracted admiration on Japanese site Roomie.

Known as Felis Domesticus, this installation turned human visitors into “guest in a giant cat’s habitat”. Eeeep. We haven’t felt this small since the bad old days of Panthera atrox. A massive 3.5 metres long and made of felt, this sleeping feline dwarfs even the American lion.


Now, how do we get this size of cat into our living rooms? Maybe this style of couch is better suited to be outdoor furniture…

Source: Unfold via Roomie
Images: Unfold, BuzzFeed