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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: McDonald’s Japan has the best Happy Meal toys. In case you haven’t heard, the fast food chain created Mario toys for their “Happy Set” kids meals and they’re awesome. Lucky for those abroad, Japanese fans of the franchise have already uploaded videos of their McDonald’s Happy Meal Marios (say that five times fast). Take a look at just a few!

First off, here’s the commercial airing in Japan right now:

Man, I want to punch a giant question box…Anyway, on to the videos:

Now that we see this one in action, Mario looks more like a pole dancer than the Goomba-stomping plumber that we’ve come to adore.


Speed up the video and you get this.

This one’s our favorite!!! Penguin Mario is so cute; he makes us want to get some ice cubes from the freezer to throw at people.

Here’s another longer video featuring all four toys (If you’re only interested in Mario, skip forward to 2:35). Koji Seto talks about the Mario toys and mentions that only four have been released so far. He also lets us know that buying four “Happy Sets” was not a waste because he didn’t eat anything all day yesterday. He proceeds to eat all four. After he’s finished the entire feast of burgers, nuggets and fries, it’s time to play with the toys.

So maybe the Mario toys aren’t exactly as cool as we had originally thought, but we still want them! I hope the office wants McDonald’s for lunch…

Source: YouTube via Destructoid