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A Japanese burger company has a new burger wrapper designed exclusively to help women eat burgers more politely.

According to a widely circulated YouTube video created by the advertising company Dentsu Tokyo Inc., Japan’s Freshness Burger noticed that their largest burger on the menu (the “Classic Burger”) was very popular with male customers, but not with women.

They assumed the reason for this gender discrepancy was because in Japan, it’s attractive for a woman to have what’s known as an “Ochobo” — a small mouth that one politely, and modestly, covers when open in public.

So Freshness Burger and Dentsu invented what they have dubbed a “Liberation Wrapper,” a burger wrapper that doubles as a face mask with the picture of a woman smiling politely.

According to Freshness Burger, after introducing the sexist wrapper, sales of the “Classic Burger” rose by 213%.

Check out the video for the new burger mask below.