Literally, COZENI is a series of iPhone home button stickers which come in the shape of any of Japan’s many coins. At first weren’t sure why anyone would need a miniature coin in place of a home button, but on closer inspection we were actually pretty impressed at how cool they looked.

To test out these cute little 3-D stickers, we went ahead and purchased the entire series of COZENI and found that they are more multi-purpose than you might think!

The COZENI series is developed by cellphone accessories maker Hamee which also produces a variety of other smartphone-related goods with intriguing designs. We came across this particular set at a local electronics store, and it stood out so much among the usual array of screen protectors and covers that we just had to buy them all to test on our Apple products, of which we have plenty in the office since our ardent Apple fans keep bringing them back in Lucky Bags each New Year.