Earlier this year, we brought you news of cute earphone jack puppies, perched atop owners’ smartphones in a number of irresistibly cute poses. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any cuter, the company behind the adorable animals announced an update to the series with an extraordinary litter of samurai warrior kittens.

If you like your cats with a side of history, this could be the most perfect gift you could ever wish for.

▼ Military Commander Kitty Naoe Kanetsugu 




Naoe Kanetsugu (1559 – 1620) was a Japanese samurai known for his distinctive helmet which bears the Chinese character for “love”. Popularised in the 2009 TV Taiga period drama Tenchijin, Kanetsugu is also a playable character in video games like Samurai Warriors and Pokémon Conquest. Befittingly, this kitty cat looks like he’s just begging for a bit of love!

▼ Military Commander Kitty Date Masamune




Masamune (1567 – 1636) was the founder of the city of Sendai. Known for his crescent-moon helmet, he was nicknamed the “one-eyed dragon” due to a missing eye and achieved legendary status in the Tohoku region for his dedication to the area. If only he knew there would be a little kitty dedicated to him centuries after his passing.

▼ Military Commander Kitty Yukimura Sanada (aka Nobushige Sanada)




Once called the “number one warrior in Japan”, Sanada (1567 – 1615) was a leading general who fought many battles. His troops of 2,000 famously resisted an army of 40,000. This kitty pays homage to Sanada in a faithfully reproduced red helmet bearing the circular clan logo.

▼ Military Commander Kitty Nobunaga Oda




Oda (1534—1582) was a major player in the unification of Japan, conquering a third of the entire country before his death and inspiring those who went on to unify the country. He was the first Daimyo (Lord) to equip his soldiers with muskets, but kitty’s off-the-shoulder robe reminds us that he was also a keen archer. Oda’s distinctive hairstyle is faithfully reproduced here and the gourd is a symbol of one of his most impressive conquests, the siege of Inabayama Castle

▼ Military Commander Kitty Shingen Takeda




Takeda (1521 – 1573) became leader of his clan at the age of 21. A fierce fighter on the battlefield, his impressive armour included a helmet with a horned devil and a long, bushy white mane.

As an added bonus, one of the cats has a detachable horse head. While it’s true that horses were indispensable to warriors in the day, this horse is timely in that it coincides with the 2014 Year of the Horse. Giddyup!




And as we see here, a warrior kitty without a horse is an angry kitty…


Just released on December 6, these cats are available from Amazon while stocks last. We’re sure the cats of the world agree it’s the best history lesson money can buy!

Photos: Amazon: Masamune Amazon: Kanetsugu Amazon: Sanada Amazon: Oda  Amazon: horse  Amazon: Takeda