My Melody

Learn about the anatomy of your favorite Sanrio characters with new kimokawaii skeleton toys

Did you ever expect Pompompurin to actually have bones?

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Sanrio’s matsuri festival-themed toys and plushes will give you Japanese summer vibes at home

The cutest product is definitely the goldfish-scooping set. Or maybe it’s the little pouches made to resemble shaved ice?

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Hello Kitty would look cute even if you peeled away all her flesh, new toy line shows us【Photos】

Did you know the Sanrio star’s muscles are apparently made out of sweet-tasting fruit?

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My Melody and Little Twin Stars join Hello Kitty for new themed rooms at Tokyo hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel’s new rooms come furnished with cuteness.

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Hello Kitty celebrates her 45th anniversary at Sanrio Expo 2019 with cute plush and goods

We were on the scene to snap up shots of all the star-studded Sanrio stock!

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Sailor Moon and My Melody team up again, this time for a super sweet themed cafe

They’ll be fighting your hunger by moonlight, and winning love all day with these adorable menu items!

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Theory that Sanrio’s My Melody played jump rope with a wolf’s intestines freaks the Internet out

Loyal fans come to the defense of the adorable bunny character from Hello Kitty’s parent company.

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Sanrio and Sailor Moon finally reveal their lineup of My Melody collab goods!

It’s been a long wait since this exciting lineup was announced, but cute things come to those who wait!

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Sailor Moon invites Sanrio character My Melody in on the fun for 25th anniversary celebration

Fans of magical girls and Sanrio, rejoice–this is truly a collaboration destined by moonlight.

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Hello Kitty joins Mario Maker, may possibly break Japanese-ness level-measuring equipment 【Video】

Arrival of Kitty-chan and fellow Sanrio character My Melody is the most Japanese thing since schoolgirl outfit Pikachu.

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Sanrio creates characters to promote characters to promote merchandise with new Sanrio Boys group

Hello Kitty’s parent company launches Twitter account for group of five beautiful boys who love Sanrio characters (and their merchandise).

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Hello Kitty fans have a special reason to go to Sanrio amusement parks December 4 – They’re free!

Japan’s two Sanrio theme parks are holding a one-day event on December 4 filled with shows, special events and your favorite characters. The best part is that it will cost you absolutely nothing to get in that day!

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The real My Melody? Twitter user knits tiny hat for kotatsu, futon-owning bunny【Pics】

Hello Kitty may be the most popular Sanrio character, but My Melody has quite a few fans as well. And it seems she has a doppelgänger hanging out on Twitter too!

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Cute shoe range from Sanrio features bejeweled loafers and pumps with My Melody armchair heels

There are shoes, and then there are SHOESdainty little works of art that adorn your feet, turning heads as you walk by and acting as conversation starters with complete strangers. In Japan, of course, fashion gets taken to the next level of cuteness and never more so than with the new range of My Melody showstoppers from Sanrio.

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Color your life with Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars & My Melody 40th anniversary collaboration menu

“THE GUEST café&diner” in Shibuya Parco PART 1 will be serving special menu items based on Sanrio’s popular characters “Little Twin Stars” and “My Melody” for their 40th Anniversary from June 4, for limited time only.

At the café, there will be special, original menu items including; “Little Twin Star & My Melody cake set”, “Kiki’s seafood curry rice, Lala’s Vegetable curry rice,” “My Melody & Little Twin Star’s Colorful Round Sushi,” and “Sundae with Rainbow Colored Snow Cone”, which comes with a balloon.

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Sanrio character My Melody’s new cafe may be Tokyo’s cutest (and pinkest) yet

Although Hello Kitty is its most recognizable icon, she’s not the only star in the Sanrio lineup of cute mascot characters. Pink-hooded rabbit My Melody also has a loyal fanbase since her debut in 1975, and starting this month, she’ll be getting her own cafe in Tokyo, complete with palate-pleasing pink parfaits, curry, and special My Melody merchandise you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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My Melody dental clinic opens in Saitama: Sanrio faces its greatest licensing challenge yet

Sanrio and its vast array of cute characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody have been seen on nearly every product imaginable – from contact lenses to passenger aircraft, they have made things just that much cuter. Hello Kitty was even able to explain forms of South African torture in her adorable dictionary.

But Sanrio may have bitten off more than they can chew with the Hearts Dental Clinic in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture. Is the sweetly disarming image of the hooded bunny My Melody enough to calm the considerable fears of children visiting the dentist?

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Noodle-tossing bunny is the most random, hypnotic Vine you’ll see today

While she may not be quite so well-known abroad, My Melody, one of cute factory Sanrio’s many mascots, is kind of a big deal here in Japan. Over at the Sanrio Puroland theme park, throngs of kids and women old enough to know better flip out and squeal with delight at the very sight of the hood-wearing bunny, and Sanrio makes a small fortune each year from My Melody-themed merchandise.

But none of that really explains this video recently released by Sanrio Puroland, which plays an endless loop of My Melody aggressively tossing noodles in a sieve. In total silence.

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My Melody gets ready for Valentine’s Day — and she looks absolutely sweet and delectable!

Readers of our site may be aware that a fair number of our articles involve collaborative items featuring cute mascot characters, including the lovable rabbit, My Melody. Well, here’s another gem of a character product that we think will make many of you squeal with delight!

Now, while My Melody may not be involved in as nearly as many business ventures as fellow Sanrio character and cat-of-all-trades, Hello Kitty, you have to admit she’s done quite well for herself since her creation in 1975. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, she’s turned herself into something that’s sweet and melts in your mouth — and it’s not ice cream!

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My Melody lucky bag turns out to be slightly unlucky

Buying a fukubukuro (lucky bag) is one of the most anticipated thrills during New Year’s in Japan. Although what’s in the bag is a mystery until you’ve paid for it, the goods in the bag are usually worth more than the price you pay for the fukubukuro, so most of the time it is indeed a “lucky” buy.

Depending on your luck, you might not get something you desperately want or need in the bag, but even that wouldn’t dampen your day as much as what this Japanese Twitter user found in her slightly “unlucky” My Melody fukubukuro.

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