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In the age of affordable digital cameras and programs that can make even photos and footage taken by a team of cavorting chimps look artistic and cool, footage of popular destinations like Tokyo are ten-a-penny online. But this video from Simon Boulsson is not just noteworthy by stop-and-gawp-worthy.

Titled “TOKYO REVERSE”, the video is set to a pumping soundtrack and takes us on a brief tour of some of the capital city’s most famous spots. The views are of course stunning, but as its title suggests there’s even more to the video than that.

Check out the full video here. Be sure to turn your speakers up and hit that full-screen button!

When you consider how dangerous it can be navigating Tokyo while glancing at a smartphone, we can’t help but wonder how many collisions these guys had during the production of this video. Seriously great work, guys!

Source: Simon Boulsson on Vimeo