People in Japan love their soft toys. And with so many cute characters to choose from, it’s easy to understand why. But with love comes a sense of responsibility, which means there will eventually come a time when your favourite stuffed character will have to face the wash. The only thing is, with their adorable, life-like expressions, a wash-and-dry for a stuffed toy ends up looking like a day at the spa followed by a visit to the amusement park!

Check out the adventures of some crazy Japanese plushies, as documented by their owners, after the jump.

Rilakkuma, whose name is a shortened form of relaxed kuma, or relaxed bear, is one of Japan’s most beloved characters. He certainly looks relaxed after a dip in the tub.


The face of a traumatised bear after a machine wash.


After a bath some Rilakkumas just want to hang out.


This little bear looks to be living in the lap of luxury. We all know the best way to dry is on a big towel in the sunshine!


Oh dear. Some relaxed bears get the bondage service and don’t end up looking relaxed at all. Hang in there, little buddy!


Other characters don’t seem to mind being hung out to dry. These two look like they’re training for a trapeze act, patiently waiting for the wind to give them some momentum.


Even Blue Slimes take a day off from the world of dragons for a bit of pampering. A good slime is a clean slime.



The doughnut chain Mister Donut has its own character mascot, the Pon de Lion. Pictured here next to his doughnut-shaped mane, he seems to be enjoying a ride on a carousel.


Don’t move! This capybara is known as Kapibara-san in Japan. And he has his eye on you.

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Happy to be going on a ride on the carousel? Or sad to have her paws in clips? It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.


Ah, the life of a plushie in Japan. With pictures these cute, we have a feeling this is only the beginning of a new photo craze in Japan. It might just be time to dig out that long-forgotten friend from the back of the closet and see what he looks like after a wash and dry.


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