Otaku struggles are real and they’ve been right under our noses for centuries.

In Japan, being an otaku doesn’t necessarily mean you’re just into manga and anime. Here there are train otaku, figurine otaku, plane otaku, plastic model otaku, idol otaku…the list goes on and on.

The one thing that unifies otaku across the board, though, regardless of their interest, is the diehard passion and devotion they have for their obsession. While many of us might be able to acknowledge the appeal of an idol group, for example, the idol otaku will go all out in reading up on each of the members, saving up to buy merchandise and attend events, collecting as much related paraphernalia as possible and plastering their bedroom walls with photos of their favourite idol.

The ardent zeal with which otaku indulge in their interests is a hallmark of the subculture, and curiously, it’s something that can be captured in a painting, as people in Japan are now finding examples of Western art that perfectly depict moments in the life of an otaku.

These artworks are currently being shared on Twitter with the hashtag #オタクな西洋画 (#Otaku-esque Western Paintings), which has recently gone viral. Covering a range of genres, there’s something in the collection that all types of otaku will be able to relate to, so let’s take a look at some of the best tweets below!

▼ When you just can’t get over how cute your crush is.


▼ Cosplayers taking photos on their phones while they wait for the cameraman to turn up.

▼ Otaku in despair when they can’t express their feelings properly in a fan letter.

▼ When you hear your favourite anime soundtrack on T.V.

▼ The moment before you put money into a gacha capsule toy vending machine.

▼ Picking confetti up off the floor after a live performance.

▼ When your genre of otaku interest is so niche you have no one to talk to about it.

▼  “Is anyone after this trading card?”


▼ Otaku waving their hands in the air at a live concert when their crush walks out right in front of them.

▼ At a Saizeria family restaurant after an event.

▼ When music by the artist you’re obsessed with starts playing in a shop.

▼ When you’re at a handshake event but the idol is already looking at the next fan in line.

▼ “Is this Zepp Tokyo?” “No, it’s Zepp Diver City Tokyo” (Two live venues with similar names but different locations).

Refreshing your Twitter screen a minute before a new announcement is set to appear on an official account.

When you’re out eating before a live event and you spot other otaku who look like they’re going to the same place.

▼ An otaku hears news of her favourite voice actor getting married.

▼ The otaku who can’t stop looking at Twitter late at night.


▼ When people think you’re a bookworm but you’re really only into Boys’ Love.

▼ When a band member casually tweets about something on Twitter and the followers come out in excitement.

▼ ← During a long weekend → At the end of a long weekend.

That last tweet there is one we can all relate to after a long weekend, even if we’re not an otaku who’s been staying up late at night indulging in their obsessions.

There’s a lot of Western art that lines up perfectly with the struggles of an otaku, so if you too have found a masterpiece that speaks to you on the otaku struggle, be sure to share it on Twitter with the hashtag #オタクな西洋画!

Source: Togettter 
Top image: Twitter/@Spica_ice
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